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About me

Wow!  I can really edit pages!

In few words, I am software engineer who is fond of mesembs (family of plants from Southern Africa) and amateur astronomy. Life has changed much 🙂

I lived almost all my life in small town Berdsk in West Siberia (not Serbia), Russia.  Berdsk is a suburb of Novosibirsk, 3rd largest city of Russia, and largest city of Siberia.

However, in January 2020, just before the COVID-19 crisis, I moved to Saint-Petersburg, Russia’s Northern capital.


I was working at Novosibirsk Regional Center of Geoinformatics Technologies at Institute of Geology and Mineralogy of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science as software engineer.  But now I work at Yandex as a Python developer.

I’m also author of some open source libraries in Common Lisp and, recently, JavaScript, and made minor contributions to some other projects like SLIME and Gnus.  I use Gentoo Linux at home (AMD Phenom x4) and work, and my favorite text editor is Emacs, but I use vim for quick editing in command line (config files etc).  My favorite programming languages is Rust, Lisp, Haskell and Python, and I do Python and C++ programming for living.


I am an amauter astronomer. I liked astronomy since my childhood (I read a lot of astronomy books), but recently my interest revived, and in February 2009 I bought second-hand 130-mm newtonian reflector telescope.


For several years I grow mesembs — succulent plants of Aizoaceae family that grow mostly from Southern Africa (RSA and Namibia).  I run bilingual website about mesembs: (this website is not updated, but is maintained).  I have no plans to write about these plants in this blog.